Mediterranean Food Rules And Proper Food Course Order

Mediterranean Food RulesMediterranean Food Rules And Proper Food Course Order

Food Rules

  • No snacking in between meals
  • I am a Food Snob: I eat a little bit of only the best things
  • Every Calorie Counts: Eat only things that are worth it


  • Smallest meal, nearly non-existent
  • Café Latte: Only at breakfast can rich sweet coffee be drunk, all afternoon coffee (if had at all) must be plain with only a tiny bit of cream


  • Ideally main meal of the day but very difficult in American culture, otherwise should be a medium sized meal smaller than dinner
  • Try to make it a relaxed and leisure experience within the time frames of lunch break
  • Eat slow, focusing on the food


  • Main meal of the day most likely (unless lunch was large then should be a smaller medium sized meal)
  • Carb loaded meal (to help make it through the near fasting the next day until lunch)
  • No time limits: meal should be relaxed and leisurely experience
  • No distractions: no TV, no cellphones; nothing to distract you from the dining experience, the food and the people at the table with you (talk and share with them)
  • Make the most out of the Dining Experience: a meal should be a sensuous and luxurious experience. Below are some ideas but feel free to mix it up and find your own unique touch
    • Have a tablecloth on the table
    • Set the table
    • Use your nicest plates
    • Candles
    • Have some nice relaxing classical music playing in the background
  • Portion control is critical: A little bit of many things
  • Your Entire Meal Should Fit On A 9″ Plate
  • Eat slowly and focus on the one food item you are eating
    • Eating in “courses” is a great help
    • If that’s not feasible then eat one thing on your plate at a time, don’t stuff everything on your fork and eat it at once; experience the flavors of each item.
  • Typical meal should be 50% Vegetables, 25% Protein, 25% Whole Grain and small bit of Fruit as a Dessert

Meal Courses Order


  • Soup
  • Protein & Whole Grain Bread – Cheese & Salami, eggs, meat, sandwhich, etc…
  • Salad
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit


  • Aperitivo: Olives & pickles or 1 slice of cheese & salami or tiny piece of bread with cheese or tapenade
  • Primer Plato: Soup(Vegetable) or Pasta/Rice/Potato
  • Segundo Plato: Protein, Vegetable & Beans
  • Salad
  • Cheese
  • Fruit & Yogurt

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